Batman to Mardin

Left Batman, Turkey this morning after a wonderful time of devotion with the team. We drive about two hours south to the ancient city of Mardin, Turkey to meet Berdar. We met Berdar with tears streaming down his face. We were all overjoyed to finally see him. He was especially glad to see Fred “Baba Melby”. Below is a picture of myself and Berdar.

We drive along a bit further to Berdar’s actual hometown village. We were happy to meet his Aunt and see his grandmother. We saw some more sights from his childhood and spent a good amount of time encouraging each other. It is difficult, to say the least, to be a believer in this part of the world. Berdar will honor the Lord tomorrow by his being baptized. He has chosen “Baba Melby” to be the one to baptize him. We will drive to a nearby river. Pray that there will be those that would see and ask why we are doing this.

We will spend the rest of the day in Mardin “developing relationships” in the city.




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